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Bladder Cancer Statistics

Bladder Cancer Statistics

Today, the awareness of people when it comes to bladder cancer is not that high. This is no longer surprising knowing that the Cancer Society does not give much attention in this particular cancer area. Bladder cancer statistics will surely be paralleled with this claim. There are even instances when studies are not that conducted. This can be very alarming knowing the number of people who have been suffering from this kind of cancer yearly. Raising awareness should be the first step. Campaign for this will only be possible if there is a concrete study to support the advocacy.

There might be reasons why bladder cancer is not that much publicized comparing to other types of cancer. Usually, males are more prone to bladder cancer. There are lots of males out there who have been hit by this kind of disease. But then, the sad truth is that these men prefer to keep their situation in private. Click here to read more about Bladder Cancer Symptoms.

Bladder Cancer Statistics

The Statistics

During the year 2006, there had been around 60,000 cases which have been reported. 44,000 of these are men while 17,000 are women. Looking at the difference, it can be supported that men are really prone to this kind of cancer. Usually, 50% of men suffer from bladder cancer at the age of 73 and above. There have been 13,000 deaths way back in the year 2006 while the remaining is still suffering.

As mentioned above, men do not go around talking about this disease that much. There are lots of sacrifices that need to be made by these people who are suffering from bladder cancer. Mostly, it has something to do with their sexual intimacy. There are instances when they are being advised to take a pill just to let the organ get up. Talking about this is not manly. It will never will. This is the reason why it will be quite difficult to let these men talk about their situation. Learn more about Bladder Cancer Treatment Options

Bladder cancer is a really serious type of cancer. This might not be that popular as compared to other types of cancer but this happens a lot and it will still continue to happen in the near future. The symptoms for this disease are just like the usual. Sometimes, the signs are not that much visible. Once the symptoms come more often, it may be an indication of something more serious. On the other hand, there are instances when the symptoms for this disease are synonymous to that of the other disease. This is the reason why being aware is very crucial. This is the time when individuals will be able to be empowered with the things that they need to do in order to avoid or even deal with bladder cancer.

In the United States, this type of cancer is the fourth widely suffered. This is the case mostly dealt by men. Sometimes, bladder cancer is hereditary while there are times when this is the effects of one’s lifestyle. There are still a lot to learn when it comes to this disease. 

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